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Not just for motorcyclist, but for anyone who suffers from the cold
Be that Raynaud's disease, White finger or other conditions which affect you in the cold
Just give us a call to see how we might help


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Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner

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Simply the best and warmest on the market
Warm 'n' Safe are the Grandaddy of heated MC clothing, they've been around longer than anyone else doing this

  • 90 watts of heat
  • Very high heated collar
  • Outputs for gloves, socks/trousers
  • Fleixible control options
  • Windstopper material
  • Pocket inside for controller
  • Optional wireless controllers available
  • Ultra thin, packs into it's own bag and fits under leathers
  • Reflective Illuminite Strips
  • Body hugging panels to ensure a snug fit

Uses the new "Soft Heat" carbon fibre far infra red heating technology

A no BS jacket liner, ultra slim that packs into it's own supplied small pouch, it packs an almighty punch at 90 watts power (yes we could claim more but figures can be manipulated according to voltage) so we tell it like it is and that's hot, a temperature controller is essential so if you have not already got a Warm and Safe controller you will need one

This jacket liner is so thin it actually fits under a jacket (yes that is said tongue in cheek)

Designed with stretch side panels to aid a snug fit to all body shapes, that's critical for optimum warmth

Very well thought out to solve the problems of riding in the cold, it has outputs at the sleeves for heated gloves and an ouput for heated trouser liners / heated socks, the gloves can be fed independently if required or they can use the same feed as the jacket so you can opt for a dual controller to adjust them independently or a single controller to set a happy medium for both

Has highly reflective Illuminite strips on the back of the arms and collar  to keep you safe at night if on the roadside without your outer jacket on

Anti-bacterial Stretch Panels to keep heat against the body
Breathable Shell with Wind Stop and Moisture Block

Pocket in Pocket Designed for to take the Remote Heat-troller
Single or Dual Controller Functionality

A full range of accessories, temperature controllers and cables is available in our online store

WARM AND SAFE HEATED CLOTHING INCLUDING GLOVES, GLOVE LINERS AND SOCKS are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of One year. Defects in the heating wires are guaranteed for the life of the garment. General wear and tear, damage by abuse or accidents are not covered.



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