Dual Mounted Temperature Controller

Not just for motorcyclist, but for anyone who suffers from the cold
Be that Raynaud's disease, White finger or other conditions which affect you in the cold
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Warm and Safe Dual Mounted Temperature Controller
Now obsolete, the replacement is the Dual Remote Mounted version (Wireless control)

Two Knobs Control the 100% heat levels with full on and full off
Solid State, High Tech, Safe & Reliable Electronics designed by us
Switch and LED on PC boards with 5ft cord for Panel Mounting
Mounts out of sight providing a clean installation
LEDs for Heat Level Feedback
Plug compatible with most DC heated
Handles 15 amps at 13 volts with internal reset for overloads & shorts
Attached 30 inch battery harness with 15 amp covered fuse


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NOTE: Picture is of the single version, the dual version has two control knobs and two outlets

Ideal for Motorcycles, Microlights, ATV's, Quads, Golf Carts, Open top cars or any other use you can think of, all they need is a 12v supply via vehicle or battery.

Don't settle for second best, Warm n Safe have been making quality heated clothing for longer than anyone else


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