Warm and Safe Mini Temperature Controller

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Warm and Safe Mini Temperature Controller


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This is a 5 position controller which cycles between power settings on each press of the button

Like all the Warm and Safe Heat-trollers, this is way beyond anything made by the competition.
Based on the latest technology, you can use it as an inexpensive controller for socks, gloves or pants and then add the Wireless Remote Control later when you get the Warm and Safe Heated Liner.

If you need thsi to replace a Junior controller for gloves or socks then just make sure to select the Long Y lead option in the drop down box

Size 3in x 1in x .5 inch



Heated gloves, Heated Jackets, Heated Jacket Liner, Heated Socks, Heated Trousers, Heated Trouser Liners
Temperature Controllers, Wireless Temperature Control, Raynauds, White Finger, Motorcycle, Quad, Microlight

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